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Jon-Roar Bjørkvold - Books
The following is a selection of Bjørkvold's most important books so far

  The Muse Within

  Originally titled Det musiske menneske, The Muse Within was published in 1989. It has enjoyed great success, both in Norway and internationally. Critically acclaimed, the book has sold over 36.000 copies in Norway alone and has been translated into seven languages, with more translations on the way. An extended 2005 edition of the book has recently been published.

The Muse Within - Norwegian extended edition
  The Muse Within

The Muse Within discusses the role of music, creativity, play and learning through all stages of life. The book has become an important piece of reading within all forms of education, as well as a multitude of diverse areas within business and arts.
  Song of the Turtle

  Published in 1998 under the original name of Skilpaddens Sang. The book is related in many ways to The Muse Within, both in its form and contents. Song of the Turtle, however, focuses more on the everyday life of adults.

Song of the Turtle has been well received in Norway, and has so far been translated into English (not yet published), Swedish and Danish.

Song of the Turtle - Norwegian edition
  Barnas egen sangbok - The Children's own Song Book

  Published in 1979, and based on Bjørkvold's research for his doctorate, The Children's own Song Book has become a Norwegian classic. The song book contains elements of the children's own culture, both in the choice of music and the illustrations. Sold in over 140.000 copies, a copy of the song book can be found in nearly every Norwegian home with children.

The Children's own Song Book
  ...that changed the world - 90 years of women and music in film

  Bjørkvold's latest book about music, movies and women.

women, music and movies

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